Containers Sale

The usage of used containers provide an optimal solution to the problems of storage and transport.

All containers delivered by Serlog S.A are in "cargo worthly" condition, suitable for general cargo according to international transport regulations.

Advantages in the usage of containers:

Versatility: enable an optimal loading, handling, transportation and commissioning.

Hardiness: Great strength, simplicity and easy repair. Built to withstand harsh weather and inherent land and sea transport.

Steel structure "Steel cut", outer plate of 1.8 mm, interior flooring and door locks and two leaves with two lock bracket / sealed.

Safety: Excellent receipt of merchandise due to sealing and security locks.

Accessibility: Opening 2.40 meters wide by 2.50 meters high.

Storage: ISO structure, this allow the stack up to 6 units, depending on machinery and infrastructure used.

Units for Sale:

  • Sale of general cargo and refrigerated containers
  • Rental of general cargo and refrigerated containers
  • Technical Support 24 hours (rental)
  • Types of containers marketed: